your business.


We accelerate innovation with an open approach by engaging startups, universities and established technology vendors to co-develop solutions addressing customer needs.
We combine physical and digital innovation focusing on People, Ideas & Content creating augmented experiences making use of technology. We strongly believe in One methodology and strategy applied to different vertical industries and tailored for individual customers.
We operate globally valuing local peculiarities.



Managing uncertainty taking the risk to disrupt your own business turning a crisis into an opportunity.


If it already exists it is too late, if nobody is willing to use it might be too early.


Innovative leadership require innate capabilities such as association of multiple experiences, obsessive questioning, observing with curiosity, experimenting and idea networking.


Creativity without concrete execution is not helping anybody


Antonio Grillo

Chief Executive Officer

Business & Projects Organization

We believe in Open Innovation, co-development, Agile and DevOps methodologies. We bring together different resources on a project basis joining core internal resources with external resources from established partners, startups, universities and customers.

Business Support Organization

Matteo Sponza

Chief Technology Officer

Andreana Festa Giordani

Chief Communication Manager

Michele Barbieri

Business Development

Vito Alberto Giorgio

Sales Manager

Massimo Padovano